Where we are

Where we are

Gangehi is a small island in the Northern part of the Ari atoll, 77km from the capital. It can be reached in about 25 minutes by seaplane. The island is almost completely covered with lush vegetation. On one side it is bordered by a coral reef that can be reached from the shore; on the other it opens into a broad lagoon. Protected by its barrier reef, the island is a little platform of white sand, shaded by coconut palms, and surrounded by a crystal-clear sea in shades of green and sapphire blue. The marine life is one of rare beauty: an amazing variety of tropical fish swim around the coral along with marine turtles and many other creatures. Divers witness an unforgettable spectacle: apart from the thousands of multicoloured fish in all shapes and sizes and the corals themselves, there is a whole separate World peopled by turtles, moray eels, manta rays, sharks...

The archipelago

The archipelago of the Maldive Islands extends over 750km, straddling the Equator. It is 190 km wide. Lying in a North-South direction, the archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Indian peninsula. Officially the Islands are made up of 1’190 islands, of which only 199 are inhabited. In reality, the number of islands that make up the archipelago is still unsure; new islands are continually rising up from the Ocean while older ones disappear, submerged under water.

Useful information


Travellers must be in possession of a valid passport. Young people aged 16 and more must have their own passport.


Visas are issued free of charge upon arrival.


None are requested.

Time difference

Because Gangehi is on daylight saving time all year round, the time difference with Italy is 4 hours during daylight saving months and 5 hours for the rest of the year.


Divehi and English but Italian is also spoken at Gangehi.


The Maldavian Rufiyaa (1 Euro = about 15 Rufiyaa). It is advisable to bring US dollars (with some of small denomination notes). Extras are billed in Euros.

Credit cards

American Express, Mastercard and Visa can be used to pay all extras.


220 Volts and there is a 110 Volt socket in the bathroom. Italian plugs can be used.


It is possible to use GSM cell phones.

Airport taxes

14 Euros per person, including children over the age of two (subject to unnanounced changes). The tax is charged directly when the reservation is made.


Although not mandatory, these are always much appreciated. Tips are however at your discretion and may reflect the quality of the service received.


The Maldives enjoy a year-round tropical climate, subject to the influence of the monsoons, winds that blow in different directions according to the seasons. There are two seasons: the dry season of the “Iruvai”, monsoon from the Northeast, from December to May, and the rainy season of the “Hulhangu”, monsoon from the Southeast, from May to November. The wind that brings the rains blows from the southwest towards the northeast, whereas the winter monsoon (which brings the good weather) blows from the northeast to the southwest, bringing the dry season with little rain. Temperatures average 28°-31° all year round. The water temperature is always pleasant, around 27°-29°.


Practical and informal summer clothes, without forgetting a sunhat, sun glasses, sun cream and rubber shoes. Dress code: both in daytime and in the evening, it is not permitted to enter the bar and restaurants in bathing suits or with wet clothes and guests are requested to always wear at least a T-shirt in these areas. In the evenings and after dinner, Bermuda shorts and wraparound skirts are allowed. Guests are more than welcome to go barefooted anywhere on the island. Furthermore we kindly ask to avoid using cell phones which in any case should have the ring tone turned off in public areas.


Gangehi Island Resort has an Italian doctor with a surgery equipped with first aid supplies and a pharmaceutical cupboard with essential medicines. It is recommended that you bring with you medicines which you usually take and to also bring common medicines such as antihistamines, antibiotics, cortisones, anti-flu medications, intestinal medications, plasters, ear drops, ointments for burns and high-protection factor sunscreams. You are nonetheless advised to consult your own doctor for advice on which medicines would be most suited to your trip. There is a hospital and modern clinic in Male. You should bear in mind that the tropical weather is subject to unpredictable variations following which insects may be present and be a nuisance. Bites by such insects/mosquitoes don’t normally carry with them any risk of infection but may result in itching skin according to the person’s individual pigmentation. You are therefore advised to bring with you the appropriate insect repellant.

Customs regulations

It is absolutely forbidden to import underwater spear guns; sacred images or statuettes; pork meat or sausages; alcohol of any type; pornographic magazines; videos and DVDs’ (except for unused videos and DVDs still in their packaging). Nor is it allowed to bring in domestic animals of any kind. Very severe penalties are in force agaist the the importation and use of drugs. It is strictly forbidden to export turtle shells, black coral and shells not bought through legitimate commerce. In the interests of the envirmonment, it is forbidden to break or walk on coral. As the Maldives are a Muslim country, topless sunbathing is to be avoided as well as entering bars or restaurants without a T shirt or going to the city in short skirts or shorts.


Unaccompanied minors cannot be accommodated at the resort.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Gangehi Island Resort Ari Atoll Rep. of Maldives Tel. 00960-6660505 Fax 00960-6660506



To check availability and rates, please contact:

Theme vacations

Theme Vacations

Albatros Top Boat and Gangehi Island Resort are proud to present some “theme weeks” during which guests from Gengehi Resort will be able to participate in interesting evenings where a variety of subjects will be presented and discussed by renown speakers. These speakers are university professors and experts in their fields who will organise evenings dedicated to specific topics. They will also be available during the week to have informal discussions with guests and will seek to satisfy their clients’ curiosity.

From March 24 to April 01 2012 week “Mantas and Cetacean” together with the doctor. Guido Gnone, Scientific Coordinator of the Aquarius in Genoa.

Photo gallery



Gangehi Island Resort, reopened in 2008 after a total renovation, offers rooms of a very high standard. The resort consists of 40 bungalows of which 8, called ‘Over Water De Luxe’ are on stilts and are very spacious with exquisite furnishings and an architecture inspired by local Maldives style. A further 8 ‘Over Water’ rooms are also on stilts and enjoy a privileged position, whilst 20 standard bungalows afford views of the sea and have direct access to the beach. Finally there are 3 garden villas that have a garden view and 1 family room with two bedrooms and bathrooms.



Overlooking the sea, the panoramic bar adjoins the restaurant and is an excellent place to meet for a sunset cocktail or to spend a relaxing evening with live music.

Veli Restaurant

The main restaurant has been completely renovated in authentic Maldivian style and offers a buffet style service. There is a wide culinary choice with Italian and International dishes on offer as well as specialties from the Orient. There is also a well stocked wine list. With the arrival last summer of a new chef, the menu has expanded considerably and a great deal of care is taken both in food preparation and dietary considerations. Home-made ice creams are always on the menu and are renown throughout the Maldives! Meals at this restaurant are included in the board and lodging package.

Thari Restaurant

This new, very refined bar-restaurant is magically suspended over the lagoon, at the end of the pier. It offers “à la carte” dining and has an open plan kitchen so that you can watch the chef prepare your meal. Guests can sip delectable coktails while admiring the sunset and can enjoy fine international dining of a high standard against a spectacular panoramic backdrop. Meals at this restaurant are not included in the board and lodging package.


Gangehi Diving Centre

Thanks to its location in the North Ari atoll, the Gangehi resort is able to offer innumerable diving sites suitable for either beginners or more advanced or expert divers. With just a short ride by Dhoni, (the small craft that is typical of the area), it is possible to reach some of the most spectacular diving sites in the Maldives, such as Gangehi Kandu, the kingdom of the leopard sharks and grey sharks; the spectacular corals of Malos Thila or Manta Point where it is possible to spot manta rays and whale sharks.


With diving packages and courses for all levels, the “Gangehi Diving Centre” (PADI 5 Star Dive Resort) is a facility of great experience and professionalism, managed by Albatros Top Diving, a diving school with more than 20 years experience in the Maldives. Courses are offered for both beginners and advanced divers, with qualified Italian instructors.


The diving centre offers personalised programmes; night dives, night dives with Nitrox air as well as dives with sub-acqua scooters.


The fully equipped PADI Diving Centre is at the disposal of all guests and has more than 55 cylinders, wetsuits, pressure gauges, masks, fins and regulators. A PADI Open Water Diver diploma can be obtained during a one-week stay. The diving centre offers alluring courses for children such as the “Bubble Maker” course for children aged eight and upwards, and the “Junior Open Water Diver” for children of 10 and more. These courses are a splendid opportunity for young children to try their hand at diving in absolute safety, with the guidance of expert instructors and to experience for themselves all the emotions that scuba diving offers.



Gangehi’s Spa offers its guests a true Paradise of the senses. Coconut palms and white beaches frame the luxurious structure which consists of four antique wooden cottages transported from Kerala, the state in Southern India that is the cradle of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is a true philosophy of life in this region and the Spa gives guests the opportunity to discover its benefits by embarking on a voyage of discovery that will leave them with a sense of wellbeing and physical and mental equilibrium. At Gangehi, a spiritual and meditative journey is combined with beauty treatments to achieve total wellness of both body and mind. The four cottages themselves, with their warm colours of chocolate and clay, blend in with the natural environment and enhance this sense of wellbeing.


Massages are the specialty of the centre. Guests can either choose from a selection of relaxing massages that ease tension, using techniques of muscular relaxation and the application of essential oils, or they can opt for energising massages: 90 minutes of extreme relaxation obtained by applying digital pressure to the meridian points and using rythmic movements that eliminate tension, raise energy levels and improve circulation. They might also like to try facial treatments: tonifying and hydrating cleansing treatments that are adapted to different skin types. Gengehi offers packages that include a minimum of two “theme” treatments.


To help guests achieve mental equilibrium, Gangehi has the services of a certified teacher with whom it is possible to practise one of the principal Oriental disciplines, namely Yoga. Anyone can join in these sessions which give participants a break from stress while enjoying the natural surroudings of the location.


The Boutique

The Boutique offers a wide selection of regional artefacts as well as an attractive array of clothes suitable for the local climate. Also on offer are beautiful pieces of silver jewellery inlaid with semi precious stones, from the exclusive “Gangehi” collection. Three taylors work in front of the Boutique, fashioning made-to-measure clothes. These taylors specialise in ‘cloning’ clothing brought to them by by guests and creating outfits with the guest’s choice of material, in a very short time.

Opening Hours

The boutique is open every day from 9.00am to 1.30pm and from 4.00 to 9.00pm



Given that 90% of the country consists of sparkling blue ocean, it is not surprising that most of the sports on offer at Gangehi take place either on or below the sea. The resort boasts a beautiful white sandy beach that encircles most of the island. The beach is equipped with straw covered umbrellas and loungers for sun bathing. All activities on the island respect the guest’s privacy: you will be in one of the last paradises on Earth where nothing is out of place. And every day you will be able to choose from amongst numerous activities suggested by our staff.

Diving school

With its strategic location in the north Ari atoll, the Gengehi resort is able to offer its guests a choice of innumerable dive sites suitable either for beginners or for very advanced divers, with qualified Italian PADI instructors.


There is a stunning coral reef which can be reached from the shore. In addition, excursions are organised twice a day in Dhonis (the small craft that are typical of the region), to go snorkelling at selected spots around the island and swimming among the beautiful multicoloured fish.

Fishing in Dhonis

Daily fishing outings in Dhonis, using typical Maldivian fishing gear.


Canoes are at the disposal of guests for exploring the sea around the island.

Cinema and TV Room

Every night, a film is shown, projected onto a wide screen. It is also possible to see programmes from Rai.


It is possible to go by Dhoni to the fishing island of Mathiveri, to see houses made of coral and discover local handicrafts.


More than 600 books and 40 or so DVDs are at guests’ disposal.


Guests can choose from a variety of games such as chess; backgammon or cards...accompanied by the piano.

On the beach

Bowls, volleyball, acqua gym.


Sessions are offered in the open air, surrounded by Nature.


The resort boasts a modern well equipped gym with weights.